Marijuana Addiction
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Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is the consequence of habitual use of marijuana. Marijuana addiction can be described as chronically making the decision to quit using marijuana followed shortly by a relapse due to overwhelming cravings for it. Marijuana addiction is considered to be both a mental and emotional addiction. Marijuana users come to believe that they need marijuana to function normally and have fun. This misconception is very common among those who have formed an addiction to marijuana by using marijuana on a daily basis. Many people that have developed a marijuana addiction find that they must be high on marijuana to enjoy themselves and to feel normal.

Over time, repeated use of marijuana changes the individual in many ways. Changes can be seen socially, emotionally, physically, as well as psychologically. Individuals with a marijuana addiction tend to gravitate to others who share their interest in the drug. Daily marijuana users also tend to lose interest in activities that once meant a lot to them such as going out with friends, participating in sports and family get together to name a few. Marijuana addiction tends to change the addicts appearance, and he or she may begin to dress more casual and at times can even look sloppy. Additionally, they may feel that every activity should revolve around smoking, obtaining, and getting stoned.

Many daily marijuana users do not consider that they are addicted, but they would not want to stop using marijuana if given the option. Often times you'll hear individuals say "I can quit at any time. I'm just doing it 'cause it's fun and there's nothing else to do anyway." This type of attitude is typical of an individual who is addicted to marijuana. They smoke every day, even several times a day and do not feel that they have an addiction to marijuana. If compared to an individual who drinks several times a day, everyday, would they be considered an Alcoholic? The likely answer would be "yes". Marijuana addiction is not a term that many of today's youth associate with the drug. This lack of information is devastating; creating more addicts everyday which might have been prevented if they knew the full toll this seemingly "harmless" drug can take on an individual.

Marijuana addiction is just like any other addiction. The user eventually feels they "need" the drug, finding themselves unable to quit using it for fear of withdrawal symptoms. Marijuana addiction, like other drugs come with a long list of side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

Marijuana is one of the most widely abused illicit substances known to man. It has been used for everything from curing ailments to being part of religious ceremonies. Present day, marijuana is a Schedule 1 controlled substance, meaning that in its smoked form it has no commonly accepted medical use. There are many myths and providers of false information regarding marijuana. This website is created to clear the air as to what marijuana really is, its effects, side effects, history, addiction, treatment, and withdrawal. For this site, research has been gathered from numerous reputable sources to complete the most comprehensive website on marijuana. With so many web sites on this particular topic, we feel that it is important to provide accurate information in a way that everyone will be able to benefit from.

The use of marijuana is a controversial issue. Many would like you to believe that it is not a gateway drug, leading thousands down the path of drug addiction. This is not the case though. Through an individuals use of marijuana they are more likely to experiment with other drugs. This of course is not always the case, but more often than not it is the sad truth. Once having moved on from "just smoking marijuana", the individual may develop an addiction to harder drugs such as heroin or cocaine. This progression into more lethal drugs of addiction is undeniable. When asked what their very first drug of abuse was before experimenting with their drug of choice which brought them into an addiction treatment program, most addicts will say "marijuana".

With its minimal short term side effects and the fact that it may not be physically addictive, marijuana was deemed as a "soft" drug. Ironically, with so many abusing marijuana then moving on to more powerful drugs, it does not seem as "soft" anymore. Marijuana addiction appears to be more of a diving board for which the unfortunate diver is unable to see the bottom of their drug addiction.

To end their marijuana addiction, many individuals find that attending an inpatient drug rehab program is the only way they are able to remain marijuana free for an extended period of time. There are several treatment options available for marijuana addiction; the most important thing is finding the one that is right for you or your loved one.

Marijuana Addiction
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