Signs and Symptoms of Marijuana Use
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Symptoms of Marijuana Use

There are many physical and psychological symptoms of marijuana use. However, it can be difficult to recognize the symptoms if you are not around the user after they have taken the drug. Once the effects wear off it can be near impossible to determine if someone has used marijuana.

Marijuana affects the brain in some of the same ways that other drugs do. Researchers are examining the possibility that long-term marijuana use may create changes in the brain that make a person more at risk of becoming addicted to other drugs, such as alcohol or cocaine. While not all young people who use marijuana go on to use other drugs, further research is needed to determine who will be at greatest risk.

Some users, especially someone new to the drug or in a strange setting, may suffer acute symptoms of marijuana use such as anxiety and paranoid thoughts. This is more likely to happen with high doses of THC. These scary feelings will fade as the drug's effects wear off. When the early effects fade, over a few hours, the user may become very sleepy. In rare cases, an user who has taken a very high dose of the drug can have severe psychotic symptoms of marijuana use and need emergency medical treatment. We have listed numerous marijuana use symptoms below to help in determining if someone you care for may be using marijuana.

  • Symptoms of Marijuana use:
    • Dilated (large) pupils
    • Bloodshot eyes
    • Sleepy appearance
    • Reduced motivation
    • Difficulty thinking
    • Distorted sensory perceptions
    • Dry mouth
    • Euphoria (temporary feelings of elation, energy and limitless power)
    • Feeling sluggish
    • Grandiosity (acting in a pompous or boastful manner)
    • Impaired judgment
    • Impaired short-term memory
    • Inappropriate laughter
    • Increased heart rate
    • Increased appetite, craving sweets
    • Reduced coordination
    • Temporary feelings of reduced anxiety or stress
    • Sadness/depressed mood
    • Sensation that time is passing slowly
    • Social withdrawal and isolation
    • Craving for sweets
    • Enlarged eye pupils
    • Red, puffiness under the eyes

Signs and Symptoms of Marijuana Use
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