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Marijuana Information

There are several different strains or "brands" of marijuana; all having different names depending on where it is grown. The varying terms used for marijuana change throughout different parts of the country or even different parts of a large city. Some of these unique names include "Texas tea" and "Maui Wowie". Slang terms used for marijuana include: pot, herb, grass, weed, mary jane, and reefer. You might also hear the names skunk, boom, gangster, splif, or ganja.

When growing, marijuana is lush and green and grows from 2-20 feet tall after it has reached maturity. The marijuana plant has jagged leaves which cover most of the plant and usually has a few flowers that grow on the top of it. When it is dried and able to be smoked, marijuana appears to be a green or gray mixture of shredded flowers and leaves. Every form of marijuana is mind-altering, but vary in intensity due to the amount of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the primary chemical in marijuana that produces the "high" the user feels.

The levels of THC has increased in marijuana since the 1960's and 70's creating more potent marijuana known as "Chronic". Most ordinary marijuana has an average of 3 percent THC. Sinsemilla (made from just the buds and flowering tops of female plants) has an average of 7.5 percent THC, with a range as high as 24 percent. Hashish (the sticky resin from the female plant flowers) has an average of 3.6 percent, with a range as high as 28 percent. Hash oil, a tar-like liquid distilled from hashish, has an average of 16 percent, with a range as high as 43 percent.

The THC in marijuana is absorbed by fatty issues in the various organs. Traces of THC can be detected in standard urine tests even several days after smoking marijuana. For those that smoke marijuana on a regular basis, traces of THC can be detected for weeks after they have stopped using.

Marijuana is typically smoked as a cigarette, called a joint. It is also commonly smoked in a pipe or bong. Recently, individuals have been rolling it up in cigars, known as blunts. Additionally, if cocaine rolled up with the joint or blunt this is known as a primo. Items such as pipes and bongs used to smoke marijuana are purchased at smoke shops or online. These retailers have a wide verity of unique paraphernalia used for smoking not only marijuana, but other illicit substances as well (i.e. crack cocaine).

There as been a lot of controversy as to whether marijuana should be legalized to be used medicinally. Currently, it it still a schedule 1 controlled substance. This means that in marijuana's smoked form, it has no commonly accepted medical use. Although, THC has been manufactured into a pill form and is available by prescription. This THC pill is prescribed to treat the nausea and vomiting that often occur with specific cancer treatments as well as to help AIDS patients eat more to keep up their weight. At this point, scientists say that more research on marijuana's side effects and potential benefits are necessary before marijuana can be used medically.

There are several ways to tell if someone is on marijuana. The individual may seem dizzy and have trouble walking, seem silly and giggly for no reason, have very red, bloodshot eyes, and have a hard time remembering things that just happened. These symptoms of marijuana use are quite noticable and are typical for an individual who is "high or stoned" on marijuana.

Marijuana Information | About Marijuana
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